bedroom door

bedroom door
Bedroom in the whole home decoration occupies a lot of weight, everything in the bedroom is carefully selected by the master, even the bedroom door is no exception.
Bedroom door color
First, experts from think that the choice of bedroom door color should be combined with the decoration style of the house. This is because different decoration styles are different in color matching. For example, when choosing the color of bedroom door in European pastoral style decoration, it is best to choose the color that can bring comfort and freshness to people’s hearts Beige, khaki is more suitable for this type of decoration style.
Second, now many people, especially girls, like Korean wave, so do they at home. If they choose Korean pastoral style decoration, it is easier to choose the color of bedroom door at this time. Because Korean pastoral style decoration is usually soft and warm, it is suggested that the main body of bedroom door should choose white or warm colors to highlight Korean pastoral The characteristics of style decoration can be said to be one of the reasons why this decoration style is popular.
Third, generally speaking, the bedroom door should not choose too heavy colors, such as black and red. We all know that black gives people a sense of solemnity and depression. If the bedrooms choose black, it will make people feel depressed, which will greatly trouble people’s sleep and rest time. Therefore, it is better not to choose black door as the bedroom door 。
Bedroom door size standard
Bedroom door size, room door size standard is what
Often see some decoration owners ask bedroom door size, room door size standard is how much? In fact, it is similar to the bathroom door size and sliding door size standard mentioned above, but slightly different. At present, we all recognize the size of bedroom door. The standard of room door size is 80cm in width and 2m in height.
But there are also standard and non-standard, usually with positive and non-standard size. Standard size: usually used for finished door and finished door pocket process, construction technology is based on the door size to determine the door pocket base, such as Anyang and residential standard products. Non standard size: you can make the door pocket first and determine the door according to the door pocket size.
Generally, real estate developers will reserve a little higher than this size, such as more than 10 cm or 20 cm, but there are also a small number of houses designed by the owners themselves and the size standard is not considered well. At this time, they can only design according to the actual standard. If the size of bedroom door is too high, it can be filled to close to the standard value. But in real life, we still need to measure the size of the owner’s home and then design the size of the bedroom door.
Some people don’t like this standard size, either the bedroom door is too large, or slightly smaller. As far as possible, the height of the door can only be slightly higher, and try to avoid being too short, because it will lead to overall disharmony, which looks strange. Relative to the standard size, the height of the door can be determined according to the height of the person. There are a few people whose height is higher than 2 meters or close to 2 meters. At this time, it must be higher than this standard, but for the vast majority of people, it is very few. Generally speaking, the width of bedroom door size is larger than this size, which is smaller, unless the unit type is too small, such as rental housing in big cities, it is almost impossible to lower the standard except for sliding doors. There are two rare types, 85 * 200cm and 105 * 200cm.
The size of the bathroom door can be the same size as the bedroom, and the general situation is slightly smaller. Speaking from fengshui, the bedroom door should not be relative to the bathroom door.