Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture
Bedroom furniture includes bed, mattress, wardrobe, dressing table and bedside table, as well as bedding and so on. They are undoubtedly the leading role in the bedroom, a good bedroom furniture, especially the bed, can change a person’s quality of life. Let’s have a look at the bedroom furniture geomancy, display, purchase and other information.
10 square meter bedroom furniture
First of all, 10 square meters bedroom furniture should pay attention to the purchase of furniture. Now there are many kinds of furniture brands on the market, and the materials and styles are also numerous, which brings great trouble to consumers’ purchase. Therefore, for the tenants who live in 10 square meters bedrooms, they must pay attention to practicality when purchasing furniture, which is extremely important.
Second, we should pay attention to the details of the mountain, get rid of the messy furniture, remove unnecessary dressers, bedside cabinets and TV cabinets to make room. These furniture can be placed in other rooms in the room, and the small bedroom will become spacious and open immediately. Of course, a small bedside table with simple lines is enough to store the private pieces.
There is also to make full use of space, for example, you can choose a bed with the proportion of harmony relative to the bedroom, and then configure the corresponding proportion of lighting and ornaments, harmonious and consistent collocation to create a comfortable feeling, but also should better use the shape of the furniture, so as to save the space on the ground and achieve a good effect
Bedroom furniture Feng Shui
Feng Shui of bedroom furniture — pattern
The best bedroom pattern should be square, try to avoid sharp corners or beveled shape. Heteromorphic bedroom is easy to bring uneasiness to people, resulting in nerve compression, thus increasing the mental burden of people, leading to physical discomfort.
Bedroom furniture Feng Shui – light
Bedroom light should be bright, one can let have very good daylighting, at the same time can ensure the bedroom air circulation. Let the residents feel comfortable and energetic.
Bedroom furniture Feng Shui – door
The bedroom door should not be facing the toilet. If it is unavoidable due to architectural reasons, the door should be designed by mistake. Avoid the toilet’s foul gas and humidity affecting the residents’ mood and health. At the same time, the door can not face the mirror, the mirror reflection will shine evil into the bedroom, causing bad luck. So as to affect the personal career and even the relationship between husband and wife.
Bedroom furniture Feng Shui – bed
Bed is the most important home in the bedroom, so the arrangement of bed is also particularly exquisite. The design of the head of the bed is best to rely on the wall to avoid hollowing out, which means that it has the meaning of backing up. It can bring people a sense of security, and at the same time, the residents will have a good body and mind. Bed should not lean against toilet wall to avoid foul air. It is also not suitable to be placed under the suspended beam, that is to say, the beam is pressed. The best size of the bed surface from the ground is about 50cm. Keeping the air circulation under the bed and reducing the moisture on the ground is also an important factor in health.
Bedroom furniture Feng Shui – table, shelf
In many modern families, it’s common to put tables and shelves in the bedroom. Tables can be used for eating or writing, and shelves can be used to place objects. Try to avoid the sharp corners and shapes of these furniture, which is easy to quarrel.