Bedroom partition design principles

Bedroom partition 1. Use of modular furniture. This is also a popular practice at present. For example, in a room for children aged 6-15, raising a 1.2-meter-high bed by 40 cm in a relatively small space is a common way to combine a wardrobe with a desk, which is convenient and convenient. practical.

2, knock down part of the non-load-bearing wall and use a cabinet as a partition. If you consider the privacy of the sound insulation effect, you can also add sound insulation materials such as splints.

3. Set up lockers, bookcases, wine cabinets, etc. at the door, corner, etc. In some newly developed economical real estates, in order to increase the utilization rate, attention has been paid to the design of storage rooms. If the general family does not have a storage room, you can also use the corners to add lockers yourself.

4. Adopt open or semi-open design. For example, the bedroom and the cloakroom are connected as a whole, the master bedroom is connected with the main bathroom, and the study and the living room are connected to form a shared space. The space is enlarged from the perspective. Similar designs are more reflected in the products and model room designs of Federal Gordon. Can be accepted by young people.

5. The combined use of art wall and mirror. For example, a wine cabinet is placed between the two mirror curtain walls, a bordered mirror is used as a partition, a frosted mirror and a silver mirror are combined, and the matching of mirrors and craft paintings can magnify the space in terms of perspective.