Beige decoration

Neo-Confucianists say beige is the best main color for home decoration. Because beige is closest to the primary color of wood, rather than purple or pink, it looks fresh at first glance, but at night, when the lights are on, it’s almost It’s like being in the underworld.

Beige is one of the most relaxing colors. The echo of the flower petal pattern on the sofa and the wallpaper elements accelerates the improvement of the space temperament. The milk tea-like light and shadow on the floor, the chocolate-colored coffee table, and the coffee sugar-like cushions are wrapped in a cheese-like sofa and rest here quietly. This is the best interpretation of enjoying the afternoon. The transparent beige partition ingeniously connects the living room and the corridor, and the perspective is farther. The main tone of the restaurant belongs to the more popular coffee color among neutral colors. The brown color is mild, giving a warm and elegant visual experience, suitable for large-scale paving. The silver tableware, vases and white fruit baskets on the dining table enlivened the calm atmosphere of coffee.

Beige is an urban color between camel and white. It has the elegant atmosphere of camel, but it is a little more refreshing and pleasant than camel; it has the purity and romance of white, but it is a little warmer than white And noble. In the color family, beige means similar to gray. Beige has a clean and subtle temperament. Therefore, the best match with it is also a single color. Matching with too many patterns and patterns will destroy the overall sense of beige.