Benefits of Chinese decoration

First of all, what are the benefits of Chinese decoration style? As a Chinese, many people still like Chinese-style decoration, which is not grand but gorgeous, and not exaggerated but genuine. Chinese-style decoration materials are mainly wood, pay attention to engraving and painting, and elegant in shape. Most of them use high-grade hardwoods such as rosewood or big leaf sandalwood. After the craftsman’s fine carving, each piece has a wonderful story The works can make people feel nostalgic for the past and a beautiful yearning for the future.
Secondly, what are the benefits of Chinese decoration style? The color is mainly dark and calm, because the color of Chinese furniture is generally dark, so that the color of the entire room can be coordinated, and the red or yellow cushions and cushions can enhance the atmosphere of the room, which can also better express the Chinese classical furniture. Connotation. Isn’t Chinese decoration bad?
Third, Chinese-style decoration can better preserve our state-owned culture. Some people like European and American styles, but forget that there are Chinese styles. We have to preserve our own things, we can learn from them, but we can’t abuse them. . The Chinese decoration style is very charming. Can bring us a lot of history.