Black decoration

Black decoration refers to the use of black tones for decoration design in modern interior design.

Black decoration 1. The sofa background wall made of black paint is matched with black and white photos, showing the beauty of light and shadow. The white sofa in the reception area is matched with a black single lounge chair, and the coffee table with black and white elements is used as an embellishment, showing a classic color matching effect.

2. Black and white echo between light and shadow. The white floor lamp illuminates the black wall and makes the space appear brighter and more atmospheric.

3. The black round small dining table is paired with four black leather chairs. The marble bar counter can be used as a sideboard. Not only can it be used to store some tableware, but it can also be used as a decorative sideboard.

The psychological role of black decoration

From a theoretical point of view, black is dull and colorless. In life, as long as the light is weak or the object’s ability to reflect light is weak, it will appear relatively black. The psychological effects of black on people can be divided into two categories. The first is the negative category. For example, in a dark night or a dark place, people will have the impression of being disoriented, losing their way, horror, worry, sadness, negativity, sleep, grief, despair, and even death. Followed by the positive category. Black makes people rest, quiet, contemplate, persevere, prepare, test, and appear serious, solemn, upright, and determined. Between these two categories, black will have the impression of uncertainty, mystery, conspiracy, and resistance to dirt. In the design, the combination of black and other colors is an excellent contrast color, which can fully display the light and color feeling of other colors. The combination of black and white has the strongest light feeling, the most simple, the most distinct, and the strongest.