Black red decoration

Black and red decoration The classic combination of black and red makes the space full of modern elements. Simple home furnishings and simple lines are in line with the home improvement demanded by young people today. Homes made with symmetrical and elegant temperament are more popular among young people.

Black and red decoration 1. With red sofas, black carpets, and white walls, the visual sense of the living room becomes vivid in an instant; the white space is no longer empty, bringing minimal warmth and human touch.

2. The red sofa with a unique shape enlivens the atmosphere of the space and makes the space no longer single, presenting an extroverted and cheerful side.

The psychological effect of black and red decoration

Red: Red light has the longest wavelength and is at the limit of the visible spectrum. It is most likely to attract people’s attention, excitement, excitement, and tension. At the same time, it gives the vision a sense of imminence and expansion, which is called forward color. Red also leaves the impression of being gorgeous, fragrant, youthful, full of vitality, fullness, maturity, and nutrition, and is widely used in food packaging. Red is also a symbol of joy and celebration. Because of its eye-catching and beauty, it occupies the first place in the colors of signs, flags, and publicity.

Black: In theory, black is dull and colorless. In life, as long as the light is weak or the object’s ability to reflect light is weak, it will appear relatively black. The psychological effects of black on people can be divided into two categories. The first is the negative category. For example, in a dark night or in a dark place, people will have the impression of losing their direction, losing their way, horror, worry, sadness, negativity, sleep, grief, despair and even death. Followed by the positive category. Black makes people rest, quiet, contemplate, persevere, prepare, test, and appear serious, solemn, upright, and determined. Between these two categories, black will have the impression of uncertainty, mystery, conspiracy, and resistance to dirt. In the design, the combination of black and other colors is an excellent background color, which can fully display the light and color feelings of other colors. The combination of black and white has the strongest light feeling, the most simple, the most distinct, and the strongest.