Blue and white decoration

Blue and white decoration blue + white = romantic warmth

Generally, people don’t dare to try too bold colors in their homes, and think that it is safer to use white. If you like to use white and are afraid of making your home look like a hospital, it is better to use white + blue color scheme, just like on a small island in Greece, all houses are white, and the ceilings, floors, and streets are all painted with white lime. Presents a pale tone.

But the sky is light blue, and the sea water is dark blue. It expresses the coolness and flawlessness of white. This whiteness makes people feel very free. It seems to belong to nature and makes people open-minded. The home space seems like the sea and sky. Isshiki’s nature is as open and comfortable.

If you want to create such a Mediterranean style, you must limit the things at home, such as furniture, home accessories, curtains, etc., to one color system. Only then can there be a sense of unity. For those who yearn for the blue sea and blue sky, white and blue are the best choices for your home life.

Decoration technique 1: pure white silk shows elegance and generosity
Retro linen is the best material for bedding decoration. The window decorations of polished cloth and the lampshade of silk texture are highly reflective. In addition, the pure white silk lampshade is more elegant and generous here.
Decoration Technique 2: Transitional colors brighten the spatial structure
White can be matched with any color to create contrast, where the blue and white color combination brightens the space structure. The designer used glossy white paint to paint the wood, and chose blue paint for the walls. The purity of yellow is not great, and it appears on shawls and striped fabrics. In contrast, the yellow concentration on flowers is the greatest. Paint the inside of the cabinet with the same blue as the wall, showing that the white plate is more attractive.
Decoration Technique 3: Dotting patterns echo the ocean theme
The white lacquer and striped fabric make the old mahogany armchairs full of ocean flavor, which cleverly echoes the blue and white color of the wall and floor.