Blue decoration match

Blue decoration is the use of blue tones in home decoration. Blue is the coldest color. Blue is very pure, usually reminiscent of the ocean, sky, water, and universe. Pure blue expresses a kind of beauty, calmness, reason, serenity and vastness.

Traditional blue often becomes the embodiment of tropical style in modern decoration design. This color family includes a series of cool color blocks, from atmospheric aqua blue to navy blue. If you have a small yard in your house, you might as well paint the exterior wall of the house in blue and white, and then set up a white wooden table with a few plants to create a European country style.

blue + purple dream combination

The blue-centered color combination is a kind of link mark that makes people feel comfortable. The home link mark decoration represents the style. In the cool color system, blue is visually reduced,

The effect of retreat, if used properly, can make the room look bigger. For example, hanging a clock or decorative painting on the wall will create a sense of hierarchy in the space.

When blue is used on large items such as beds, it will produce an effect that looks smaller than the real thing.

Add some purple that is similar to blue. The misty purple will give you a wonderful feeling of early spring.

It can alleviate the heaviness of dark blue and bring a sense of maturity.

The right combination of bright tones and dark tones will produce unique effects.

blue + purple + contrast orange

The combination of    similar tones will give people a stable impression, while the combination of contrasting colors has a distinctive personality.

The addition of contrasting colors can also produce a mutually supporting and harmonious effect. Bright blue and orange are matched in a ratio of about one to one, which is the most contrasting combination.

If you want to weaken the contrast a little, just change the hue of one of the colors,

Or adding some colorless colors, the effect is also good.

Blue decoration psychology function

Blue decoration Blue: the most reminiscent of the blue sea, the deep, lofty, long-lasting, rational and ideal. Blue is an extremely calm color, but from a negative perspective, it can easily arouse feelings of depression, poverty, and coldness. It can also relieve tension, relieve headaches, fever, insomnia and other symptoms, help adjust body balance, and make people feel elegant and peaceful.