Bookcase, that is, the cabinet specially used for storing books, newspapers, magazines and other books, is an indispensable study furniture for every household. Bookcase is a symbol of culture and civilization, as well as the expression of people’s desire for knowledge. From ancient times to now, whether it is home environment or public places, books have its figure and position.
Standard size of bookcase
Bookcase size in order to meet the fundamental effect, the bookcase size is generally 300 mm in depth and 2200 mm in height (ladder is used to supplement the use of ordinary requirements beyond this height). The height of the cell should be at least 300 mm (16 open height, 150 mm for audio-visual disc). The width of the cell depends on the data. When the particleboard or density board with the thickness of 18mm is used, the limit width of the grid position shall not exceed 800mm (the limit width of the board with the thickness of 25mm is 900mm). If the solid wood grid is used, the limit width is generally 1200mm.
Bookcase: the normal space between vertical boards is 350 MM-800 mm, and the normal height of the laminate is 350 mm-400 mm; the height of the laminate for 32 open books is 250 mm, and that for 16 open books is 320 mm. Some movable boards should be made in the middle layer of the bookcase to facilitate the host to store large items.
Advantages of computer desk and bookcase
Computer desk integrated cabinet advantages 1 – convenient
The integrated design of computer desk and bookcase makes it more convenient for us to study and work at home. When we are using computers and need books, we don’t need to get up and go to the bookcase to get them. We can reach them directly at hand. When we are reading books and learning, what we don’t understand needs to be inquired online, so we can directly inquire on the computers around us. The integrated design of computer desk and bookcase makes our study and office life more convenient!
Computer desk integrated cabinet advantage 2 – cheaper price
When we buy computer desk and bookcase separately, the price is separate, and the same is higher. And if the computer desk bookcase integrated design, the volume and size will be much smaller, the use of materials will be much less, therefore, in the price is quite advantageous. Computer desk bookcase integrated in the transport of the freight will be a lot less, one-time can be completed, and separate words can only be a piece of transport.


What is a corner bookcase
In many families there will be study, in the study there are some unique furniture, bookcase is one of them, bookcase is used to place books, bookcase has large and small, buy bookcase to see the space of the study. Among the bookcases, there is a kind of bookcase called corner bookcase. The so-called corner bookcase is the bookcase with two walls. Because the corner bookcase is not on the two walls, the shape of the corner bookcase is generally larger, and there are many kinds of materials and brands of corner bookcases.