Brown decoration

Brown decoration is suitable for American style, European classical style and other stable and atmospheric styles, giving people a sense of calm and nostalgia. At the same time, the brown decoration is very resistant to stains and not easily outdated, and is often used in home decoration.

The psychological role of coffee decoration
The color of   dark coffee gives a sense of stability and maturity. Prudence is a character trait, an attitude of being in the world, and a criterion for character evaluation. The perfect details are designed to create a high-grade living environment and reflect a positive attitude towards life.

Taboos for matching brown decoration
Coffee is a neutral warm color tone, it is elegant, simple, solemn and elegant. It abandons the tackiness of gold tones, or the monotony and mediocrity of ivory white. Coffee color itself is a relatively subtle color, but it will make the restaurant dull and melancholic, affecting the quality of meals; it is not suitable for use in children’s rooms, the dull color will make the child’s personality melancholy; also remember that coffee is not suitable for black . In order to avoid dullness, white, gray or beige can be used as a filling color to make the coffee color show its brilliance.