Building design fees

1. When only entrusting preliminary design or construction drawing design, calculate the charge according to the proportion of the design workload in the industry and multiply it by a coefficient of 1.1. If you increase the budget for the preparation of construction drawings, the fee will be calculated based on the engineering design fee multiplied by a factor of 1.1.
2. Standard design (except standard component drawings) and reuse design are adopted in engineering design, and the fee is 20% of similar new design projects.
3. For engineering technical consulting services, participating in technical services such as planning surveys, inquiries, quotations, and external negotiations, as well as work that has not formulated specific charging standards, the method of calculating the fees per day of the direct producer’s employee can be used, and the charging standard is per The work day is 85 yuan. The calculation of working days can be carried out according to the quota of working days or negotiated by the designer and the entrusting party when signing the contract according to the task situation. For tasks that need to travel to other cities and the construction period is less than 60 days, the travel expenses shall be borne by the entrusting unit. When the engineering design unit goes abroad due to the needs of the task it undertakes, in addition to the production and installation fee paid by the design unit, all other going abroad expenses (including foreign exchange quota) shall be paid by the entrusting unit.
4. The adjustment coefficients of various factors affecting the design workload are considered in this fee standard. If two or more factors exist in the same project, the total adjustment coefficient of the project should be the sum of the individual adjustment coefficients after the decimal point. Plus 1, but the maximum value of the total adjustment coefficient shall not be greater than 1.5.
5. If the design fee is calculated according to the fixed amount of physical objects or working days, the maximum amount of the project with an investment of more than 300 million yuan shall not exceed 1.5% of the estimated proportion.