Buy hotel sofa

How to buy hotel sofa
1. Before buying a hotel sofa, choose a home market with consumer satisfaction or trustworthy quality and service, and shop around. For products of the same style and brand, comprehensive consideration should be given to quality, price, and service.
2. The choice of style should be grasped: according to your own hobbies, determine the color tone and basic shape, the style of the set of hotel sofas must be consistent; fixed scale: according to the size of the room space and the configuration of indoor objects, to meet the main functions, determine the hotel The number and size of the sofa;
3. The craftsmanship directly affects the beauty of the hotel sofa: the fineness or roughness of the production craft is directly related to the quality and beauty of the hotel sofa.
4. The material should be carefully examined: wood is the main object: first understand its dryness and wetness, and then see whether it has cracks, discoloration, decay, and knots that damage the strength of the component; mainly plywood, medium density fiberboard, and particleboard Components: It mainly depends on whether there is delamination, cracking and local swelling, whether there are blisters, unevenness or other defects on the surface, and whether the end sealing is firm and snug.
5. Environmental protection must be done: pay attention when buying hotel sofas. Do not buy hotel sofas with strong irritating smell. If you feel hot eyes or choking mulberries, it indicates that harmful substances may exceed the standard, and these harmful and toxic substances can be stored for a long time. It is released through the margins of the hotel sofa and is very irritating to the mucous membranes of people’s eyes, nose, throat, etc. Long-term contact can cause chronic poisoning.
6. Look at the instruction manual: Since 2005, the national mandatory standard “Consumer Instructions Part 6: Hotel Sofa” has been officially implemented. The “standard” stipulates that hotel sofa products must have instructions for use in the future, and the instructions for use The content includes: product qualification certificate, product name, use environmental conditions, production site, materials, use, maintenance, varieties, specifications, etc.