Buy solid wood composite paint door

Buy solid wood composite paint door
1. Painted wooden doors include solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, molded doors, plywood doors, and wooden doors with decorative paper. At present, most of the doors in the wooden door market that are known as painted doors are wooden doors with decorative paper on the surface, and brand solid wood The quality of doors and solid wood composite doors is very different.
2. The so-called baking varnish technology is actually a kind of wooden door production process, not a special wooden door processing material. All wooden doors made by baking with infrared radiation or other methods in the spray painting process for rapid curing or other process needs can be called painted doors. Nowadays, the process of using infrared radiation to accelerate the curing in the painting process of wooden doors is very common. Most products will use this process. In a sense, painted wooden doors can be called painted doors, and there is nothing special.
3. The solid wood composite paint door has no special skills and special meaning. When choosing a solid wood composite door, we should pay attention to the inner material of the solid wood composite door. Due to the difference in climate between the north and the south, the water content requirements for solid wood composite doors are also different. The wood door of Jintian Oasis adopts Canadian red cedar with good material, natural fragrance, not easy to deform, and its moisture content is in line with the northern climate. Compared with pine, it has fewer trunks and no grease. It is a high-quality choice for making northern wooden door structural aggregates. The material acts as a filler to increase weight, which undoubtedly violates the interests of consumers.
4. The knowledge in the industry reminds consumers that when choosing a solid wood composite door, please pay attention to the inner material of the solid wood composite door. This is the key part of the solid wood composite door. As a wooden door technology, baking varnish has been widely used in the production process of wooden doors. Only the advantages and disadvantages of baking varnish can not be used as a special selling point. Therefore, industry experts remind citizens not to be confused by the word “paint”. When choosing a wooden door, you should mainly look at the product structure, materials, installation and after-sales service.


The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite paint doors
1. The surface is made of precious solid wood veneer, such as black walnut, cherry wood, teak, sapele, white maple, rosewood, etc. The texture is natural and beautiful; the veneer wooden door is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable
2. The unique structural advantages make the styles of wooden doors vary.
3. The stability problems such as deformation and cracking of the solid wood door are well solved, and the sound insulation and heat insulation effects are better.
4. The door covers used in the high-grade solid wood paint set doors are all factory-processed, which is easy and quick to install, which directly avoids on-site painting and noise pollution.
In addition, due to the characteristics of wood itself, it is easy to crack, which is a problem that cannot be completely solved so far. Through the above analysis, you should be able to have a more comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the solid wood composite paint door, as well as the material. It can be said that precious solid wood raw materials and advanced processing technology have created a high-grade solid wood composite paint door. If you are choosing interior doors for your new home, you can consider solid wood composite paint doors.