Buying skills for solid wood wardrobes

Buying skills for solid wood wardrobes
1. Take a photo of the mirror wardrobe
Choose wardrobes with mirrors, such as dressing tables, full-length mirrors, and full-length mirrors. Take a photo to see if the mirror is deformed or discolored. Check if there is lining paper and backing at the back of the mirror. If it is qualified, no paper will work, otherwise the mercury will be worn off.
2. The painted part should be smooth
The paint part of the solid wood wardrobe should be smooth and flat, free of wrinkles, no bumps, etc. The corners should not be straight edges, and the edges are easy to chip and paint. The inside of the wardrobe door should also be painted with a paint. If it is not painted, the board is easy to bend and unsightly. Special note: Be sure to check the operation of the door lock switch; the large cabinet should be equipped with 3 concealed hinges, and some only install 2 can not; 3 screws, some cut corners, only one screw, use Will fall.
3. Is the solid wood wardrobe structure firm?
When choosing a small wardrobe, you can drag it on the concrete floor, drop it gently, and the sound is crisp, indicating that the quality is better; if the sound is dumb, there are crackling noises, indicating that the mortise is not tightly integrated and the structure is not strong.
4. Lax seams in veneer wardrobes
Whether it is pasting wood veneer, PVC or pasting pre-painted paper, pay attention to whether the leather is smoothly pasted, whether there are bulges, blisters, and loose seams. Check the seams clearly only under sufficient light. Fraxinus mandshurica veneer wardrobes are more easily damaged, and generally only last two years. For wood veneer, planed veneer is better than peeling.
The way to identify the two is to look at the wood pattern, the sliced ​​veneer has a straight and dense texture, and the peeled veneer has a curved and sparse pattern. For the particleboard veneer wardrobe, the ground part must be sealed. If the edge is not sealed, the board will absorb moisture, swell and be damaged. Generally, the corners of veneer wardrobes are easy to lift up. You can pick the corners with your hands when selecting. If you pick them up, it means there is a problem with the glue.
5. Whether the edge of the solid wood wardrobe is flat
If the sealing edge is not flat, it means that the inner material is wet and the sealing edge will fall off within a few days. The sealing edge should also be rounded, not straight. Edges sealed with wooden strips are prone to damp or crack. In the wardrobe with three plywood panels, the wrapping strips are nailed. Pay attention to whether the nail holes are flat and whether the color of the nail holes is consistent with other parts. Usually the nail holes are sealed with putty. Pay attention to whether the putty has bulged up. If it does, the putty will fall out slowly.