Cabinet installation

Cabinet installation details
Cabinet installation details: 1. Measurement of wall cabinets. The cabinet body of the wall cabinet can be either a wall or a mezzanine, so as to ensure effective use of space without deformation, but it must be horizontal at the top and bottom and vertical on both sides. If there is an error, two left and right openings are required. The side height difference is less than 5mm, and the bottom wheel of the cabinet door can compensate for the error through the debugging system.

2. Installation of track. When making the cabinet, it is necessary to reserve dimensions for the rails. The reserved dimensions for the upper and lower rails are 8cm for folding doors and 10cm for sliding doors. 3. Installation of shelf. Home cabinets generally have a drawer design. In order not to affect the use, pay attention to the position of the drawer: when making three sliding doors, avoid the intersection of two doors; when making two sliding doors, place one door and one Side; when making a folding door, there should be a 17cm gap between the drawer and the side wall.

4. Installation of closet doors. The steps are: first fix the top rail, the front surface of the rail is in the same plane as the cabinet surface, and the upper and lower rails are placed in the reserved position; then the two doors are installed in the rail, and the verticality of the door body is measured with a level or ruler , Adjust the position of the upper and lower rails and fix them; check again whether the door body is parallel to both sides, adjust the door body by adjusting the bottom wheel to reach the level of the frame and both sides; finally fix the anti-jump device and show the quality protection certificate.

5. Before cabinet installation, kitchen tiles should be jointed in advance, and the floor and wall of the kitchen cabinet should be cleaned hygienically. 6. Install the kitchen panel in advance, and mark the location of the concealed pipe for the wall water circuit transformation to avoid hitting the pipeline during installation.

Precautions for cabinet installation
Precautions for cabinet installation: One: The infrastructure of the entire kitchen space has been completed. (Wall tiles, floor tiles, suspended ceilings). Two: Clean up the place where the cabinets are installed (referring to the ground). Three: If the lamp has been installed at home, please cover the lamp to prevent excessive dust when installing the cabinet countertop; (especially the crystal lamp in the living room).

4: Notify yourself of the kitchen appliances you purchased to come to your door. Five: Generally, the installation of cabinet appliances is to install the hood before installing the stove; the stove is installed after the stove is installed because the countertop is installed last. The hood is installed first because some hoods need to have holes and centering on the cabinet. Six: The ceiling is usually installed before the cabinet is installed. The positions of the smoke pipe holes and the telescopic hoses of the smoke machine are all done in advance.

Seven: When installing the countertop, try to protect the position away from the kitchen floor, so as not to step on the dust when installing. Eight: Remember not to let the countertop master make holes on the spot, so the dust in the house is very large.

Cabinet installation method
Cabinet installation details: in the kitchen cabinet, a platform for storing kitchenware and cooking operations. Using brighter color matching, it is composed of five major parts, cabinets, door panels, hardware, countertops, and electrical appliances. For the past two years, green environmental protection has always been a hot topic in the decoration field. In 2012, it will still be the home consumer market. Key words.

Consumers now have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection when buying household products. Not only will they learn more about the formaldehyde content of the product, but they will also give priority to those products that have received green environmental certification. It can be said that the concept of green environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and ordinary consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection at home.

Many building materials companies report that one of the most important aspects of customers coming to the store for consultation is the environmental performance of the product, and some even regard it as the first element of whether or not to buy a product. Arrange the goods in the order of installation and place them in place. You must carefully check that there is no misclassification and misplacement. Try to open the package on site; pay attention to the length of the knife edge when opening the package to avoid damage to the cabinet inside the package.

Determine the installation operation of large and small pieces in the cabinet according to the site environment. When assembling the cabinet, please handle with care to avoid scratching the finished product in the kitchen and avoid damaging the cabinet. Note: When unpacking the wrapping paper and laying it on the kitchen floor, avoid the hardware scattered during installation from scratching the floor. The hardware accessories should be placed in a special place, and should not be randomly placed on the ground to measure the level of the kitchen floor. Choose the installation point according to the situation.