Cabinet style

Cabinet style
1. Cabinet style – American classic
What are the file cabinet styles? Xiaobian first recommended a more aggressive American classical filing cabinet. The file cabinet style design is relatively unique, using the top-level poplar wood to build, has the advantages of not easy to deform and crack, use for a long time. This file cabinet style design is relatively thick, can let you feel the texture of high-grade materials, and the cabinet body simple but not simple exquisite carving, reflecting the unique cultural heritage of American classical. The handle shape of this file cabinet adopts retro design, which adds a touch of different style to the whole cabinet, adds noble and elegant atmosphere to the office, and preserves the calm temperament of users.
2. Cabinet style – neoclassical
Neoclassical style office furniture will also use some exquisite carvings to show the elegant and noble temperament. And the design of this file cabinet in the picture is very simple, but not simple. In the details, we can all feel the elegant atmosphere. The style design of this file cabinet is classic. The whole frame is made of solid wood. The cabinet door in the upper part is made of solid wood and glass. It is transparent and bright. It can be used to store files or decorate. It has strong practicability. This file cabinet also uses cabinet extraction combination design, reasonable space division, for everyone to create a super large storage space.
3. Cabinet style – European style
The third picture is a simple European file cabinet designed and made by city lovers. This file cabinet style design is very simple, the whole cabinet uses warm white, which shows the noble temperament and warm atmosphere. This file cabinet style design is very practical, the use of six door design, multiple compartment design, increase its storage capacity, so that it has a strong storage function, very practical. The top of this file cabinet is designed with multiple wide compartments, which is convenient for us to store some large office supplies and create a clean and tidy office environment for us.