Cabinets are mounted hand in hand

Cabinet hand-in-hand style.
There are two styles of cabinet hand-in-hand: clear hand-in-hand and hidden hand-in-hand.
Cabinet hand-pulling style is more, in general can be divided into open-mounted hand-pulling and hidden hand-pulling two kinds, hidden hand-pulling is hand-in-hand and door panel one, placed above the door panel, the simple interpretation to the extreme, but the hand-opened, not as good as ordinary hand-pulling, hidden hand-pulling can also prevent bumps but easy to hide dirt, hidden hand-pulling more used in modern style cabinets, ming-style hand-pulling more used in the garden style cabinet.
Cabinets are mounted hand in hand.
1, with a tape measure the mounting hole distance of the handle.
2, use a hand-to-hand ratio to draw down the cabinet door panel, in the (wardrobe or cabinet) cabinet door to measure the installation position.
3, choose the appropriate size of the drill bit, plug in to start the electric drill, with the drill bit to drill a good screw installation hole.
4, the outside hand holding hand, the inside will be screws from the inside of the cabinet through the outside.
5, screw aligned to the handle mounting hole, with a screwdriver tightening.
6, the installation is complete, the work is complete.