Causes of leaking toilets

Pay special attention to the waterproofing of the bathroom during the decoration process. If the waterproof treatment is not good, water leakage will occur. The main phenomena of water leakage in the toilet are water dripping from floor pipes, floor area water, damp walls, water seepage, and even the lower roof and walls also appear damp dripping. Water leakage in the bathroom is a very tricky thing, especially the big water leakage problem, which is generally difficult to solve in a short time. Today we will talk in detail about the leak in the bathroom.
Analysis of Causes of Water Leakage in Toilets
1: There is water on the upper wall near the riser pipe, which may be the upper layer leaking; it may also be the upper layer leaking and bleed down along the pipe.
2: There is water on the lower ground near the riser pipe, which may be caused by the upper layer leaking along the pipe. It may also be caused by problems with the riser pipe, joints, valves, and cleaning ports of the household.
3: Other wall surface bleeds on the top and the bottom of the top plate bleeds, which must be the upper layer.
4: The water in the ceiling may be caused by the upper ground, or the pipeline in the ceiling (the home and the upper sewer pipe) leaks.
5: There is water in the middle of the wall, the most likely is the leak of the buried pipeline in the wall of the house.