centralized heating

Central heating refers to a form of centralized group heating. Generally, fees are charged per square meter (building area) in a heating season. For the northern regions, the weather is relatively cold and the heating time is long. Central heating should be used to save money. Refers to a form of centralized group heating. From the perspective of energy utilization, central heating has a large one-time investment and high operating costs. The heating is always supplied throughout the day regardless of whether it is needed or not. The temperature is uneven due to different floors. If the heating is too hot, the residents only have to open the windows to cool down. Make precious energy wasted.

The specific method of changing central heating to floor heating: install floor heating water circulation temperature control device to reduce the water temperature to below 60 degrees, which the floor heating coil likes.
Scope of application: a system where central heating radiator heating and floor heating are mixed.
Function: Cooling the high-temperature heat source water to meet the water temperature requirements of low-temperature hot water ground radiant heating.
Material: brass, precision cast stainless steel. Configuration: floor heating special thermostatic water mixing valve, microcomputer thermostat, silent shielded circulating pump, thermal cut valve, supply and return water temperature measuring ball valve, filter, supply and return water live connection ball valve, check valve, aluminum-plastic pipe and joints, Water pump connector, reducing tee, pair of wires, elbow,
Wiring board parameters: ◎Maximum water flow rate 2m3/h (adjustable) ◎Minimum flow rate in the pipe>0.25m/s ◎Adjustable water temperature range 30-60℃ (adjustable) ◎Allowable heat source temperature <100℃◎Maximum static pressure 1.6Mpa ◎Maximum dynamic pressure 0.5Mpa ◎The primary water supply and return interface G3/4″ internal thread ◎The secondary supply and return water interface G1″ external thread ◎Circulating pump power 46W/67W/100W ◎Outline dimensions (length×height) 600×400mm