Characteristics of American furniture

Characteristics of American furniture
1. Inclusiveness of American furniture
As a country of immigrants in American history, its furniture also contains elements of European countries, including British classical Queen Anne’s style, modern British mission elements, French Louis XIV’s Baroque style, Louis XV’s Rococo style, Louis XVI’s neoclassical style, and German, Italian and Spanish elements. So these elements, in the end, are integrated in the United States.
2. American style furniture expresses American nostalgia for history and makes European royal furniture civilian.
The basis of American furniture is the lifestyle brought about by immigrants from various countries in the late Renaissance. It simplifies the classical furniture of English, French, Italian, German, Greek and Egyptian styles, which has both function and decoration. Most European furniture is high air style. Like European buildings, it is resplendent and inlaid with gold and silver. Moreover, only the royal family and nobles can afford to use American furniture The Royal Furniture will be civilian, tall style will still be retained, but the material will choose natural solid wood, like Europeans pay attention to detail carving, but not too much publicity, and pay more attention to the practicality of furniture.
3. American furniture expresses the casual and comfortable style of the United States, turning home into a place to release pressure and relieve fatigue.
Americans are the people who can enjoy life most. The most important feature of American furniture is the comfort of drinking at will. Unlike European furniture, it emphasizes its fancy and feels like a real home. Therefore, American sofa and chair will be bigger, more spacious and more comfortable, which makes people feel comfortable and casual when they see it.
American style furniture
1. Classical
American people worship archaize, so classical style (Great American style) has always occupied a dominant position in American furniture. Tall, thick shape, delicate details, original, natural, simple color, give people a kind of expensive but not exposed feeling, old, is a major feature of classical style, wind erosion, insect frog, spray damage, file marks, horsetail, earthworm trace… Are often used in American classical furniture.
2. Neoclassical
Neoclassical style from simple to complex, from the whole to the local, exquisite, carved gold inlaid are impressive. On the one hand, it retains the general style of material and color, and can still feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it abandons the complicated texture and decoration and simplifies the lines. Reading all the design ideas and styles is nothing more than an attitude towards life. When carefully designing the classical style that is more suitable for modern people to live in, with strong functionality and beautiful scenery, it puts forward higher requirements for designers whether they can keenly grasp the needs of customers. Both furniture and accessories depict the elegant and aristocratic status of the master of the room with its elegant and aesthetical attitude and gentle and rich connotation. Common fireplaces, crystal lamps and Roman pillars are also the finishing touch of neoclassical style. Elegance and harmony are synonyms of neoclassical style. White and decorate to mix together, make the color look bright, generous, the whole space gives a person with open, tolerant extraordinary bearing, let a person not show any embarrassment. Neoclassicism style, more like a diversified way of thinking, combines nostalgic romantic feelings with modern people’s needs for life, compatible with luxury and elegance and modern fashion, reflecting the personalized aesthetic point of view and cultural taste in the post industrial era
3. Village
American rural style, also known as American rural style, belongs to a branch of natural style. It advocates “returning to nature”. In the indoor environment, it strives to express the leisure, comfortable and natural pastoral life. It also often uses the simple texture of natural wood, stone, rattan and bamboo. Skillfully set up indoor greening to create a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere