Characteristics of iron anti-theft window products

Characteristics of iron anti-theft window products
1. New structure: professional and novel appearance design, noble, elegant, beautiful and generous, improve the quality of human-oriented buildings in cities.
2. Neat and beautiful: make all kinds of styles or unified styles of the whole building according to the requirements of customers, which meet the requirements of beautifying the city.
3. Security and anti-theft: the biggest features are anti climbing (unable to climb), anti drilling (broken glass can not be drilled), anti skid (integrated design, connection part is very strong), which completely saves the cost of installing the anti-theft network, and the elderly and children are safe at home alone.
4. Energy saving and sound insulation: the maximum strength and the best sound insulation effect can be achieved by using conventional profile and ordinary glass, and the noise reduction can reach 100 dB.
5. Heat insulation: the space distance between double glass is more than 2 cm, which is more than the national standard. The effect of heat preservation in winter and summer is very strong, which shortens the opening time of air conditioning and saves energy.
6. Induced air exchange: because of the wind direction of buildings is uncertain, it can quickly lead air according to the wind direction, strengthen the ventilation effect or block the strong wind into the room.
7. Easy to wipe: wipe both sides of glass with both hands, clean immediately, save cleaning costs and eliminate unsafe hidden dangers of high-rise buildings.
8. Material saving: window sash only uses two patented aluminum profiles, which rarely produces material head, reduces cost and facilitates large-scale industrial production.
9. Through testing: the insulation performance exceeds the level 7 of gb/t8484-2002 classification and testing method for thermal insulation performance of external windows of buildings, which meets the requirements of national building energy conservation.