Children’s desk size

Children’s desk size
The standard height of 6-year-old children is 110-115cm, and the appropriate desk height is 460mm; the standard height of 10-year-old children is 130.4-141.5cm
The standard height of 12-year-old children is 146.7-151.6cm and the desk height is 550mm; the standard height of 14-year-old children is 157.6-162.7cm, and the desk height is 630mm.
Generally speaking, the standard of desk: length: 1.1-1.2m; width: 0.55-0.6m; height: 0.76M
Chair standard: height: 0.4-0.44m
Note: the overall height of the desk should not exceed 0.8m, so as to meet the basic needs of school-age children.
Of course, the best size of children’s desk is not fixed, it can change with the height of children. Parents can choose the kind of desk height adjustable from 53-79cm, suitable for reading, writing, painting and other purposes. The general dimensions of the movable desk on the market are: depth 0.65-0.8m, height 0.75-0.78m. The desk with adjustable function is designed according to the human body principle of children’s growth. While adjusting the sitting posture of children, it can also protect the healthy development of children’s bones and eyesight.
In addition, we also need to pay attention to the space under the desk height is not less than 580 mm, the space width is not less than 520 mm, otherwise it will affect the comfort of children when writing.