Children’s room decoration

Method 1: Decorate the beautiful wall
Although the white wall looks clean and tidy, but in the eyes of children with rich imagination, there is a lack of childishness. Of course, you must not forget to decorate the wall with fairy-tale colors to create a fairy-tale children’s room. Grow up in a fairy tale world.
Method two: color matching
The tender yellow, the soft pink, the emerald green, the leisurely blue… the colorful world brings visual enjoyment to the children and adds a touch of color to their hearts. But don’t forget the harmony!
Method three: decorate with cute toys
Toys are an indispensable thing in children’s childhood. We can also use various toys to decorate the children’s room, so that children can live and play happily in their own world.
Method 4: Use fabric to decorate
The fabric gives people a soft feeling, we can use it to decorate the children’s room, it will bring a different feeling.


1. Placement of beds
The beds in the children’s room also need a reasonable layout. Children’s beds should not be designed under the beams. If the beds are facing windows, it is not advisable to allow excessive sunlight to come in, so as to avoid the strong light from making the child feel upset. At the same time, it should be noted that the foot of the bed should not be placed directly opposite the door or the toilet, and the head of the bed should not be placed before and after the toilet. It should also be noted that the material of the purchased bed should be environmentally friendly to prevent harmful substances from harming the health of the child.
2. Direction selection
Before decorating the children’s room, you should choose a room suitable for children to live in. The average boy’s bedroom is best to choose between the east and the north. The north is still the direction of Wenquxing, which also represents water. If it’s a girl’s room, you should choose the southeast as the main direction, and the southeast is Wenchang star position, which is conducive to the study of girls. In the future, it is possible to become a talented girl with versatility in this position, and it is also a kind of parents for children. expect.
3. Space layout
The space layout in the children’s room should have a certain rule. Avoid decorating a room with too complicated space, and the size of the furniture in the room should not be too large. At the same time, the children’s room is an independent space for children. Children’s ability to be independent should be cultivated. A small table or some suitable bookcases should be designed in the room so that the children can take what they want by themselves. In a crowded space layout, unqualified furniture placement will also make children easy to bruise when moving in the room.
4. Wall
The same is the children’s room. Don’t post too fancy wallpapers when decorating the walls, so as to avoid the children’s feelings of confusion and irritability when they often see them in such an environment. At the same time, strange animal portraits cannot be posted on the walls, because children’s habit is to learn about things around them, and seeing such portraits for a long time will make children behave strangely. In addition, pictures of warriors fighting can not be pasted in the child’s room, so as to avoid the child’s mentality of being brave and cruel.