Children’s room decoration

The small-sized children’s room design, through color adjustment and clever use of space, can make small spaces glow with great charm. The compact layout, elegant colors and simple style make the space very comfortable and warm.
The space of this children’s room is not very large. In order to make the small space still full of warm and cozy life, you may wish to use fresh colors as the main color of the space. The combination of green and white makes the space refreshing, pleasant and pleasing to the eye.
The whole space uses lavender as the main color, including walls, carpets, and cushions, all of which are lavender, which is very elegant and noble. Lavender is used in a large area, which is more novel and elegant in color, and it is more elegant when used in this small space.
The colors of the walls and cabinet doors are orange, and the bed sheets and carpets are also yellow, white and orange. The extensive use of warm colors makes the space full of warmth, and a small space can also be full of warmth and comfort.
The designer reflects the lively and childlike characteristics of the children’s room through different colors. The colors are many but not mixed, orange, lake blue, and light green. The three colors constitute the color of the space, making the space colorful and full of vitality.
There is only a small window in the space and the space area is not very spacious. In order to reduce the depressive feeling of the space, the designer adjusts the atmosphere of the space by incorporating bright and refreshing colors such as bright yellow and orange. The method is simple, affordable and effective.
This is a bunk bed. When the bed on the lower floor is idle, it can be pushed in and is in the same space parallel to the upper floor. Therefore, in the daytime, it saves a bed space for the entire children’s room, and the design is ingenious and practical.
The design of this bunk bed is very clever. It’s not the traditional vertical up and down style, but the staggered style. A cabinet can be added to the staggered position of the upper and lower floors to maximize the use of space.
Due to the small space area, in order to store as much as possible, the bed frame is designed as a drawer. Not only does it not need to take up extra space, but the drawer handle can also be regarded as a decoration of the bed frame, making the entire space small and exquisite.