Children’s room design

Wall storage
The wall can not only be used as a “storage” art painting, but also other objects, just like some transparent small boxes or storage bags are hung here. Put children’s doodles, or children’s favorite dolls, fairy tale books, etc. in a small box or storage bag, which is neat and childlike.
Space storage design
Combine boxes of different sizes at will to beautify the walls and improve the three-dimensional beauty and layering beauty of the space, which can accommodate some children’s favorite gadgets, full of playfulness. The wardrobe design combining display racks and cabinets fully demonstrates the space utilization of the wardrobe and highlights the powerful storage function of the space.
Overall space design
The toy cabinet composed of grids improves the storage function of the space and is convenient to take. The glass windows have the effect of brightening the space. The overall orange tone and hanging decorations add a touch of beauty and interest to this warm space.
Jumping ceiling
The black metal beams make this square space embedded in the ground full of lines and jumping, which greatly relieves the depression and cramps of the small space. The black metal ceiling also gives people a sense of industrial style, casual and artistic.
Concealed door handle
The door of the locker uses a concealed handle. When the drawer is closed, the smooth appearance of the entire locker makes it difficult to see that there are multiple drawers as storage space. The storage is “hidden invisible”, which saves space and is harmonious and beautiful.