Chinese decoration design

At the end of the twentieth century, with the continuous recovery of China’s economy, various design concepts emerged in the architectural world, which can be said to be a repeat of the various design trends in Europe and the United States. Later, the rise of Guoxue also made Chinese people begin to examine things around the body from a cultural perspective. The Chinese style design that followed has also incorporated many designs into its design concepts. It can be said that Chinese architecture in the early 21st century has a Chinese style. The trend of style design revival.
The design of traditional Chinese clubhouse generally gives people the feeling of seriousness, crowding and noisy competition. Therefore, the overall design concept of this case deliberately abandons the established Chinese restaurant style to interpret it, but moves towards the common and unique elements of both Chinese and Western restaurants. Explore and gather the best of both. The traditional Chinese style is integrated into the western classical art atmosphere, which makes the club more cultural.
The entrance of the clubhouse is concise and elegant, elegant and refined, and the rustic color lockers are both fashionable and simple, and they are also highly ornamental. A quiet and serene carved Chinese-style hidden wall at the entrance makes the whole tea-dining club charming and mysterious. It is pure and juan without losing grace and grace, and the ancient style is solemn and bold. On the side wall protruding stone bricks and pottery candlesticks set off a warm and elegant atmosphere.
The interior of the clubhouse design space emphasizes touch, smell, and hand-made and historical expressions, and uses decorations and artworks to create a dining space that values ​​humanity and uniqueness. In the private room, the traditional Chinese features are integrated with the trendy soft decoration design. The bamboo weaving and rattan art is matched with the round table to imply auspiciousness. The abstract chandeliers and the porcelain plates with western characteristics are hung on the background wall, which looks complementary and harmonious.
I have to mention the soft decoration of the clubhouse design. The open-plan area in the lobby adopts the original wood color system to highlight the low-key and proud of this cafe. The greenery reflects the artistic atmosphere of the restaurant, and the space is full of green plants. Whether it is a potted plant in a corner or a big tree overhead, it is an essential place to set off the atmosphere.
The deck area seeks movement in the quiet, thousands of times, the combination of virtual and real, ethereal and elegant, the elegant linen curtain separates the deck from the corridor, which increases the privacy of the private room. The retro bed design is covered with bamboo mats. Elegant with fashion, fresh with nobility. In addition to these, the storage area above the head is a highlight of the design, which plays a role of display, storing collections and placing books.