Chinese decoration style

1. The harmony of Chinese style decoration features
If Chinese-style furniture is a mountain, it embodies a condescending domineering; then the new Chinese-style is the sea, embodies a kind of inclusiveness and harmony in harmony. The “harmony” of new Chinese-style furniture is reflected in its expression of life style and grasp of the owner’s emotions. Young people admire fashion, middle-aged people prefer the atmosphere, but old people pursue classicism. In a three-generation family, what kind of furniture can take care of everyone’s feelings? Only new Chinese style! New Chinese furniture simplifies the complicated design of traditional furniture and incorporates modern elements to make the furniture lines more rounded and smooth. New Chinese furniture has become the common choice of three generations of families with its cultural charm, mixed materials, and humanized functions and designs.
2. The culture of new Chinese style characteristics
The so-called constant change is inseparable, and any style interpretation has its specific cultural background as a support to convey the life pursuit of people in a specific cultural atmosphere. Then the new Chinese style is based on traditional Chinese classical culture. It creates a living space full of Chinese romantic sentiment, such as mahogany, blue and white porcelain, purple sand teapots and some mahogany handicrafts, which all reflect the rich oriental beauty. This is where the new Chinese style is different from other styles. This minimalist style has penetrated the civilization of Eastern China for thousands of years. Not only is it timeless, it also exudes a charming oriental charm over time.
3. Features of the new Chinese style
Some people think that Chinese-style furniture is not easy to use, especially in terms of seating. The lines of some Ming-style seating are too horizontal and vertical, and it is difficult to fit the curve of the human body. The complicated carvings on the back of the Qing-style seat make people feel very uncomfortable. However, the new Chinese furniture has the cultural charm of Chinese furniture and satisfies our comfortable pursuit of modern life-oriented design. Such as sofa armrests, backrests, chair backrests, seat panels, etc., incorporate scientific ergonomic design, with rigorous structure and lines. The cushion part of the sofa is softly filled, the backrest is harder, and a special waist The pillow fits the curve of the human body and has a more humane design.