Chinese style furniture

Chinese style furniture
Chinese style furniture inherits the interior decoration design art style of Chinese classical architecture represented by palace architecture. It is magnificent, magnificent, high space, deep, carved beams and painted buildings, resplendent, symmetrical in shape and contrast in color. The decorative materials are mainly made of wood, with many dragon, Phoenix, tortoise and lion patterns. They are exquisite, magnificent and exquisite, and set art Keep in good health.
Characteristics of Chinese furniture
What are the characteristics of Chinese furniture? Since ancient times, Chinese national culture has been spread to the present, whether it is literary culture, national culture or architectural culture, has been a model for young scholars to learn. Since Ming Dynasty, the style and style of Chinese furniture are classic works at home and abroad. Chinese style furniture is generally represented by palace architecture, which shows the classical and atmospheric design concept advocated by people in ancient China. The color matching and main materials of furniture are mainly wood, and the carved patterns are mostly dragon and Phoenix. The spirit of each animal is vividly displayed.
But the decoration cost of such Chinese style style is very high, and lack of some modern design elements. It can only be used in home decoration. If it is used in a large area, it will not only be uneconomical, but also bring a subtle heavy feeling to the family atmosphere. Now the Chinese style furniture style more uses the modern technique, the traditional design idea and the modern simple fashion match together, the effect is also very unexpected. For example, in the living room, there is a set of mahogany furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasty style, and a Chinese landscape painting is hung on the wall, and thousands of horses are galloping on the wall. Our window edge design is based on the design culture of Western Rome and combines Chinese and Western culture. Our living room as a whole adds a trace of world national culture.
Chinese style furniture has diversity. In order to better integrate into our modern environment, many designers are constantly breaking through the old ones. For example, most of the Chinese style sofas with the deepest image are made of leather. The color of Chinese style furniture is mainly jujube red. Our leather sofa still retains this simple color, and the whole space has a traditional simplicity, And modern fashion and simplicity.
What are the characteristics of Chinese furniture? From this point of view, the tradition is permeated with modernity, and the modern is mixed with the classic. The two complement each other. Ancient Chinese furniture, the pursuit of nature, such as mountains and rivers, flowers and birds, elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, many old friends still like this kind of furniture, antique, strong charm.