Chinese style screen design

1. Chinese style screen design
Chinese-style screens are the most common on the market, and their prices vary greatly depending on the wood used, the carving technique, and the size. Cheap ones only cost a few hundred yuan, while high-quality ones are expensive. Chinese-style screens give people a gorgeous and elegant feeling. Various patterns are carved on the screens. Under the skillful hands of craftsmen, flowers, birds, insects, fish, and characters are vivid. If you like the elegance and beauty of Chinese furniture, Chinese screens are undoubtedly a good match. Of course, even if the home style is not based on Chinese design, you can also choose Chinese screens. Under the harmony of different design elements, it may be able to bring unexpected effects.
2. Screen design similar to Chinese screen
Japanese-style screens are similar in design style to Chinese-style screens, which are also known for their elegant and generous design. The patterns of traditional Japanese-style screens are also based on historical stories, characters, plants, etc., and most of them are meticulous paintings. In terms of colors, soft tones such as gold, gray, and white are often used, but it is difficult to find authentic Japanese-style screens on the market.
3. Fashion screen design
This type of screen is very bold and novel in terms of material and design.
A stylishly designed screen is sometimes even more eye-catching than the furniture placed in front of it. This type of screen is very bold and novel in terms of material and design. In the selection of materials, those heavy materials are often discarded and replaced by transparent and soft materials. According to reports, in the past, screens mainly played the role of separating space, but now more emphasis is placed on the decorative side of the screen. Thin screens not only maintain good ventilation and light transmittance in the space, but also create the effect of “isolation but not separation”. In terms of color, compared with the traditional black, white, gray and other colors, it is more colorful. Jumping red, bright yellow, and bright green are all popular colors. The patterns are even more dizzying. If it is difficult to make a choice, styles such as geometry, flowers, and solid colors will not be outdated whenever they are adopted.