Choose fine decoration OR rough room

Worry: lack of fine decoration quality, insiders say: there is a certain percentage
When it comes to a well-decorated house, the first reaction of many buyers is that the quality of the decoration will not be good, and the reason is very simple: those places that we can’t see will not work hard. The reporter’s investigation learned that shoddy well-decorated houses do exist, but this is not all. For development enterprises, it is more troublesome to make fine decorations than rough houses, and fine decorations are more likely to cause problems and make many mistakes. Then why are people willing to make fine decoration houses? According to industry insiders, one is for environmental protection, because after the delivery of the rough house, residents will smash the wall and replace the wires that have just been installed. The other is for individual housing companies to better adjust their prices when the property market is turbulent. The latter is obviously more prone to cutting corners, but the former is doing fine decoration with care.
However, regardless of the purpose, there will be a certain percentage of quality problems in well-decorated houses, which has become the consensus of the industry. Some people in the industry said that even if the current domestic brands and reputable real estate companies have quality problems when they make fine decoration houses, buyers can still choose fine decoration houses because those houses whose main purpose is not profit Companies, they will provide a better maintenance team, free maintenance within two years after the house is delivered. Therefore, buyers are advised to pay attention to the maintenance team of the real estate company when buying a well-decorated house.
Worry: Fine decoration rooms do not have their own style. Insiders say: Fine decoration is mostly “hard decoration”
“I won’t notice it when I walk to the neighbor’s house.” The style of the well-decorated house has been criticized for a long time. Some buyers believe that the style of the well-decorated house is either exaggerated or simple, and the whole building is the same, with no characteristics at all. In the eyes of industry insiders, such complaints are not entirely justified.
An industry insider said that, in fact, what the developers provide is only hard-installation. Such as floors, walls, ceilings, toilets, etc., and these can not set the style. Whether a house is tasteful or not depends not on hard decoration but soft decoration. The soft decoration must be realized by the residents themselves, not provided by the developer. Therefore, the style of a house can be completely different when the soft decoration of a house is changed, which tests the taste of the owner.