Classification of outdoor lounge chairs

Classification of outdoor lounge chairs
1. Armchair: The so-called armchair is a backrest chair with armrests. Its style and decoration can be simple or complex.
2. Rocking chair: a chair that can rock back and forth.
3. Rattan chair: It is made of various chair frames made of bamboo and rattan skin wrapped frames. Wicker chair is both breathable and flexible, making it the best chair.
4. Recliners: As people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the classification of living utensils has become more and more detailed, and some new varieties like recliners have been produced accordingly.
5. Folding chair: It has a long history. Folding chair has always been regarded as one of the most important furniture. In ancient civilization, folding chair was not only used for seating, but also used in various formal occasions and ceremonies. .
6. Massage chair: imitating manual massage, but it uses mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage.
7. Swivel chair: The style of the upper part is not much different from that of a general chair, except that there is a hinge part under the seat surface, and the human body can be rotated left and right when seated.