Cloakroom size

Cloakroom size
Cloakroom size introduction one
The size of the cloakroom is divided into the outer size of the cloakroom and the inner size of the cloakroom. The outer size of the cloakroom is the size of the cloakroom. This is mainly determined by the size of the home space. The average family room has a small room area of ​​8-12 square meters, a large room of 14-18 square meters, and a floor height of 2.5-2.8 meters. Then the size of this cloakroom is about 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm in three specifications, 2600mm, 3200mm , 3800mm, 4200mm and other width specifications, 300mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm and other depth specifications.
Cloakroom size introduction 2
The cloakroom is divided into different types of cloakrooms according to the size of the space. For example, an open cloakroom is aimed at a relatively large space, and an empty wall is used for storage, and it is not completely enclosed. The size of such a cloakroom is relatively large. The independent cloakroom, hence the name “independent”, needs a separate space to design, so the cloakroom size space required is larger. Both cloakrooms are aimed at large home spaces.
Cloakroom size introduction three
In addition to the two large-space cloakrooms we introduced above, embedded cloakrooms can be selected in many small home spaces. This kind of cloakroom saves area. Spaces with cloakroom sizes above 4 square meters can be made according to this space shape. The size of the cloakroom is determined according to the owner’s home space, but the minimum size of the cloakroom should be 4 square meters.
Cloakroom size introduction four
The internal size of the cloakroom is related to the daily life. Its internal dimensions are composed of different patterns, so as to meet different functional requirements. For example, the height of the clothes rail inside the cloakroom is 1700mm, 1300mm, and 900mm, which are used to hang long coats, short coats and trousers. The distance between the clothes rail and the upper panel is between 40-60mm, the inner size of the cloakroom is 400-500mm, and the height of the bedding area is 1000-1200mm.