Closet door

Closet door
In modern home decoration, more and more people will choose sliding wall cabinet doors (also called sliding doors, sliding doors), which are lightweight, easy to use, high in space utilization, and easy to customize. Since entering the market, It has always been favored by decoration owners and has a trend of replacing traditional swing doors.
How to choose a wall cabinet door
1. Order before decoration and install after completion
The wall cabinet door can be said to be between building materials and furniture. Its installation location should be considered during the decoration design. The dimensions should be measured and reserved during the construction period and installed after the decoration is completed. In order to ensure the overall style of the decoration design, it is best to determine the brand and style of the wall cabinet door before the decoration. After the floor and walls are all painted, the manufacturer should come to measure and customize. Experts remind you not to estimate the size yourself, you must ask professionals to come and measure it, otherwise it will be difficult to make up for an error of more than 5 mm.
Second, whether the sliding is smooth or not depends on the hardware
Industry experts say that whether the wall cabinet door can open easily and slide smoothly depends on its hardware: the upper and lower rails and the upper and lower wheels. You can feel the stability and noise when you pull the door panel when buying. Each time the pulley is opened, the upper and lower rails slide, so the upper and lower rails require high strength and no deformation. Wheels are the most technical part. All the weight of the door panel is borne by the bottom wheel. Its strength and load-bearing capacity determine the life of the cabinet door.
Three, the thickness of the door panel is different
Whether the thickness of the cabinet door is full and thick, and whether the height is sufficient, it needs to be investigated. According to reports, it is best to choose 10 mm or 12 mm thick boards for sliding doors, which are stable and durable in use; thicknesses less than 8 mm will appear thin and light; doors below 6 mm thick are extremely easy to deform and difficult Meet the requirements of normal use. The height of the door panel determines whether it can be decorated to the top. The height of a single panel in Europe and the United States can reach more than 2.8 meters. Only some products on the market currently reach this height, so you should shop around when buying.