Cloth sofa

Cloth sofa
The cloth sofa mainly refers to the sofa whose main material is cloth, which is processed by art to achieve a certain artistic effect and meet people’s needs in life. According to the material, cloth sofas are divided into pure cloth sofas and leather cloth combined sofas. According to the style, it is divided into casual cloth sofa and European-style cloth sofa. At present, in the sofa furniture market, cloth sofas have become dominant.
Comparison of fabric sofa and leather sofa:
1: price
First of all, from the price that everyone is most concerned about when buying furniture, leather sofas are much more expensive than fabric sofas, mainly because the materials of leather sofas are more expensive and the craftsmanship is very cumbersome. Therefore, the price is naturally high. The fabric sofa’s materials and craftsmanship are simpler, and the price is relatively cheaper.
2: Temperament
In terms of sofa style, leather sofas are high-end, elegant and generous. They are generally placed in a relatively spacious living room. They appear luxurious, solemn and high-grade, but the fabrics and styles of the sofa are relatively simple, without the diversity of fabric sofas. . Fabric sofas are generally suitable for the aesthetics of young people. They are light and soft, have a variety of novel shapes, and have many fabric styles and are very individual. If they are fabric sofas made of satin, silk and other fabrics, they will look more luxurious and elegant. Fabric sofa can be suitable for high-end and luxurious decoration, but also for small and fresh sweet home decoration, which is unmatched by leather sofa.
3: Maintenance
Regarding the maintenance of the sofa, the maintenance of leather sofas is more troublesome. Pay attention to moisture-proof or it will leave stains. In addition, pay attention to regular oiling to maintain the luster of the leather. Pay attention not to be scratched by sharp objects during normal use. mark. Fabric sofas don’t need to be so troublesome. Generally speaking, just be careful not to get a lot of moisture into the sofa. Cleaning is also very convenient. You can just remove the sofa cover and clean it. Maintenance and cleaning are much simpler and more convenient than leather sofas.
4: Life
Although leather sofas are expensive and troublesome to maintain, they have a long service life. Good leather sofas can be used after decades as long as they are properly maintained. Fabric sofas generally have a lifespan of several years, or as fillers. If it collapses, or the style is out of fashion, it will be replaced soon. In terms of service life, the use time of a leather sofa is better than that of a fabric sofa.