Color application in basement bedroom

The use of colors in the basement bedroom
1. Light beige or milky white can be used for the sofa. Light beige is better, it looks more unified, more coordinated, and warmer. Scarlet is the second choice. Colors that are too jumpy will not look good, and it will appear hot in summer.
2. A little color can be added to the wall to make it appear softer and people can feel more comfortable in it.
3. The color of curtains should generally follow the curtains, such as beige sofas, bright yellow or the same beige curtains; pink or brown curtains for scarlet sofas; gray or light blue curtains for black sofas.
4. Master the unification and elimination methods when matching colors. The bulk colors are basically a main color, so that they are harmonious and unified, and then individual items are made with beautiful colors, and then analogy, if your main color is available, you want to put it A yellow sofa can only be equipped with yellow curtains, red is too jumpy, and cool colors are even more out of place; then if you want to put a red sofa, you can only have red curtains. Pink is too vulgar for the living room. Brown is OK, but it looks too Depressed; so in the end, the yellow sofa is the best choice.


Lighting layout of the basement bedroom
1. Table lamp, as one of the lighting sources in the living room, in addition to the lighting function, a uniquely designed table lamp is a rare piece of art decorating the living room.
2. In the general living room, a wide range of blanks are easily formed at the corners of the sofa and on the side of the case. At this time, if you use a special-shaped and personalized table lamp as an embellishment, the feeling will be very different. At the same time, the living room is also a good place for reading, reading newspapers and resting. Therefore, the table lamp is very necessary in the living room, and the table between the sofas is the best place to place it. Because this can not only take care of both sides, but also fill the corner space left by the sofa to a certain extent.
3. When choosing a table lamp for the living room space, the design style of the entire home should be the most important thing, so that the table lamp becomes a small note of harmonious style. For example, for a living room with a modern minimalist style, when choosing a table lamp, you should prefer those styles with modern materials, such as PVC material with metal base, gauze fabric with crystal glass base. For the European-style living room, you can choose a wooden lamp holder with a magic glass table lamp, or a crystal classic table lamp. Different styles with different table lamps complement each other.