Color application in basement living room

Color usage in the living room

1. Light beige or milky white can be used for the sofa. Light beige is better, it looks more unified, more coordinated, and warmer. Scarlet is the second choice. The color is too jumpy and it will look hot in summer..

2. A little color can be added to the wall to make it appear softer and people can feel more comfortable in it..

3. The color of curtains should generally follow the curtains, such as beige sofas, bright yellow or the same beige curtains; pink or brown curtains for scarlet sofas; gray or light blue curtains for black sofas..

4. Master the unification and elimination methods when matching colors. The bulk colors are basically a main color, so that they are harmonious and unified, and then individual items are made with beautiful colors, and then analogy, if your main color is available, you want to put it A yellow sofa can only be equipped with yellow curtains, and red is too jumpy.