Color application of children’s room background wall

Children’s room background wall 1, elegant and beautiful colors

The center color is rose and lavender, the carpet is light rose, the sofa is thicker than the carpet rose, the curtains can be lavender printed, the lampshade and the pole are rose or purple, put some green cushions and potted plants Plants are used for decoration, walls and furniture are gray and white, which can achieve an elegant and beautiful effect.

2, elegant and beautiful colors

The center color of    is pink. The sofa and lampshade are pink, the curtains and cushions are made of pink calico, the floor is light brown, and the walls are cream white. This color is suitable for young women and girls.

3, gorgeous and fresh color

The center color is burgundy, blue and gold, the sofa is burgundy, the carpet is dark earthy red, the wall is bright beige, partially embellished with gold, such as a gilded wall lamp, plus some blue as an auxiliary, it is gorgeous and fresh style.

4, brisk and exquisite tones

The center color of    is yellow and orange. The carpet is orange, the curtains and bedspreads are made of yellow and white printed cloth, the sofa and the ceiling are in gray tones, and some green plants are added to set off the atmosphere.

5, soft and romantic tones

The center color of    is soft pink. The carpets, lampshades, and curtains are red and white, the furniture is white, and the room is partially decorated with light blue and has a warm atmosphere.