Common construction problems of anticorrosive wooden houses

Anticorrosive wood houses are divided into structural forms, generally divided into light wood structures and heavy wood structures, with ground screws as the foundation, and the main structural components are made of solid wood products.
1. In the anti-corrosion wooden house, due to the lack of professional construction and management talents, the treatment is not in place. Because the staff do not understand the related governance of wood structures, it is easy to have deviations in the communication process. Everyone knows that wood structure construction is a highly professional job, but many demand units do not have relevant professionalism for workers. Training, which also directly affects the installation and decoration quality of anticorrosive wooden houses, and has a great impact on the construction progress.
2. At present, the anti-corrosion wood house construction industry is not very strong, and the development of enterprises is very difficult. Experts point out that wood-framed houses are a systematic and complete project, which has certain requirements for construction technology, construction and staff in the industry, but the industry has not yet established relevant construction specifications, no quota scales, and no clear definitions. Regarding the qualification system of general contracting for professional installation and construction. Therefore, it is very difficult for many companies to act in such a market environment.
3. The lack of standards and norms has caused the current reputation of anticorrosive wooden houses to be greatly affected. The development of the industry has fallen into a state of disorder, unhealthy competition among the same industry, corporate propaganda emphasized words, and a large number of unhealthy wooden houses and applications. The wooden houses built with wooden boards and square materials have disturbed consumers’ familiarity with the quality of anti-corrosion wooden houses, and the safety of anti-corrosion wooden houses can no longer be guaranteed. Some disgusting competition with low quality and low price has left serious safety risks for anticorrosive wooden houses.