Computer desk in bed

Computer desk in bed
From liquid crystal display, to almost everyone’s notebook, the continuous improvement of computer technology has made our monotonous life interesting. After lunch, lying on the bed, sofa, holding a notebook to browse the web, watching video are very good enjoyment, but if you can have a computer desk in bed, wouldn’t it be better
Features of computer desk in bed
1. The desktop can be leveled or adjusted to any angle, so in addition to notebook computers, it can also be used for dining, snacks and drinks, reading, writing, etc.; it can be placed on the bed, bedside, sofa, car, outdoor, etc.
2. The table top and table legs can be adjusted to the most appropriate angle and height at the same time to meet the user’s most comfortable posture;
3. The span of the table leg is larger than that of the table top, which provides more space for the user’s body or leg;
4. When not in use, the leg of the table can completely receive the table top and form a plane with the table top. It can be conveniently placed in a corner of the room. When the table leg is used again, it can be used without repeated disassembly;
5. It is easy to carry because it is in the shape of a board and weighs about 1.5 kg. Besides being used indoors, it is also very convenient to take out;
6. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, beautiful style, solid wood texture and IKEA style, which is suitable for white-collar people, petty bourgeoisie and successful people. The method of use is to sit on the bed or lean against the head of the bed, put the laptop on the table, and pass through the legs under the table. According to personal preferences, adjust the height and tilt angle of the desktop to the appropriate position for comfortable use of the laptop. The height and tilt angle of the desktop can be adjusted according to the requirements of different computer tables.
When using the notebook computer table, we should pay attention to: when adjusting the height and angle, we should hold the laptop well to prevent it from falling; in use, we should pay attention to the placement of the power cord to prevent the overheated power from burning the bedding; we should pay attention to the angle of the laptop table to prevent the computer screen from being too close to the eyes, which may affect the eyesight; when using, be careful to scratch the bedding on the computer table.
Nowadays, there are a lot of computer tables on the market. There are all kinds of styles, but the practicability, quality and price need to be carefully considered by consumers.
Prices range from tens to hundreds of yuan.