Conference room partition screen

Conference room partition screen
The conference room partition screen is not only used as a partition of the location of the conference room when meeting, but also serves as a function of Feng Shui in the conference room. The partition screen placed in the conference room can block the evil spirit of the conference room.
1. Partition screen selection
In terms of the actual function of the screen, the best partition screen is the wooden screen. Wooden screens are superior in terms of the overall environment and the partition effect of last month. The height of the partition screen should not exceed the average height of a person. A screen that is too high will cause depression of the participants and affect the effectiveness of the meeting.
2. The partition screen is placed in Feng Shui
The layout of the partition screen in the conference room should take into account the workplace Feng Shui. As a staff member, if the screen is placed between the seat and the boss’s office, this will cause the relationship with the boss to deteriorate because the relationship is blocked by the screen.
3. Partition screen cleaning
Many partition screens are made of soft partition finishes, mainly made of brocade and silk, as well as hard wood partition screens. The hard partition screen is more convenient to clean, and only needs ordinary scrubbing. However, the soft partition screen should be cleaned to maintain the gloss and elasticity of the finish. It is best to use professional detergent or salt water to scrub.