Corridor background wall design principles

Wall decorations with sound absorption, sound insulation, and wave absorption functions can not only be applied to the home decoration and decoration of the family living room TV background wall, sofa background wall, porch, bedroom wall, etc., but also can be applied to the corridor.

As part of the decoration of the living room, the corridor background wall must be consistent with the tone of the entire space in terms of color control. In Feng Shui, the background wall of the corridor and the color of the living room are not the same, which not only affects the perception, but also affects the mood. It can be based on the owner’s birthday. Those born in spring and summer can complement the elegant cold colors (such as white and light blue), while those born in autumn and winter can complement the bright colors (such as yellow and red). But this is not absolute. To determine the color of the background wall, the direction of the entire living room must be considered, and the direction of the living room is mainly determined by the face of the living room window. If the window faces south, it belongs to the living room facing south; if the window faces north, it belongs to the living room facing north.

The corridor background wall should be placed directly in front of the sofa, or slightly offset, so the positioning of the sofa can affect the position of the corridor background wall. We know that the sofa is the daily sitting and sleeping place of the family and the focal point of the family. It must be placed in the Kyrgyz side of the house. In addition, great attention should be paid to the shape of the corridor background wall, to avoid sharp corners, protruding designs, such as triangles, to prevent the formation of “sha” phase. Try not to make senseless and messy divisions of the background wall, otherwise it will cause mental tension and restlessness to the family, and seriously endanger their health. It is advisable to adopt a round, arc or straight line shape with no edges or corners as the main shape. It contains the meaning of roundness and perfection, so that the family can be harmonious and happy, in harmony with the United States, and peaceful and safe.