Corridor background wall

The background wall generally refers to the decorative painting in the center. In fact, the background wall most people agree with is the decorative painting on the blank wall behind the TV in the living room. From the perspective of decorative painting, there are many forms of expression, such as calligraphy, landscape painting, meticulous painting, oil painting, and even wallpaper.

The wall decoration with sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption functions can not only be used in the home decoration and decoration of the family living room TV background wall, sofa background wall, porch, bedroom wall, etc., but also can be used in hotels, restaurants, karaoke rooms, KTV, nightclubs, etc. The decoration and decoration of places can be applied to wall decorations that require professional sound absorption and sound insulation, such as auditoriums, cinemas, opera houses, audio-visual rooms, studios, and recording studios.

1. Space series: Final fantasy-style illusion relief, the three-dimensional spiral is like the future labyrinth transmission, roaming in the vast sea of ​​stars, walking in the dream space. Modu space background wall, put wings for your future!

2. Antique series: graphics and angles constitute the totem marks of the four ancient civilizations. The inheritance of culture is the cornerstone of thinking, and the legends of the East and the West represent different dreams. Modu Space background wall, keep the roots for you!

3. Fashion series: The most popular is the most classic, leading the trend with international taste, European, American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese styles, including different styles, the magic space background wall, hang the fashion trend on your wall !

4. Mensa series: Mensa is derived from the Latin word \”round table\”, the Mensa club of geniuses, texture puzzles symbolizing high IQ represent creativity, knowledge level, graphics, numbers, questions and answers, word puzzles, calculations , Puzzles, mazes and other different Mensa quizzes, magic space background wall, let you enjoy \”Intellectual Surfing\” anytime, anywhere!