Corridor Chandelier

Corridor chandelier-modern style With the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic awareness and the level of craftsmanship, the style design, material selection, modeling and production of the corridor chandelier are very different. So how much is the price of the corridor chandelier? The style of this small corridor chandelier in the picture is novel and fashionable. The unique design fully expresses the fashion sense of the corridor small chandelier. The high-quality hardware ceiling plate, inlaid with star-like LED lights, is matched with a unique wine cup-shaped explosion-proof glass lampshade. Dreamlike light and shadow, unique in decoration effect, make the whole space look more fashionable and beautiful, the price of this corridor small chandelier is: 279 yuan.
Corridor chandelier-European style The continuous advancement of craftsmanship has made the corridor chandelier more unique and novel in style design and more diverse material choices. Now there are many types of corridor chandelier on the market, which makes the price of corridor chandelier far away. The style of this corridor small chandelier in the picture is simple and fashionable. It combines the traditional European style with modern modern minimalist style to make it unique in visual effect. It is made of thickened imitation marble glass lampshade, showing a hazy effect of smoke. The national standard pure copper wire with a diameter of 0.75 mm is used internally to make it safe and reliable, with good lamp holder insulation and stronger flame retardancy. The price of this small corridor chandelier is 84 yuan.
Corridor small chandeliers-modern fashion People’s constant pursuit of high-quality lifestyles makes the corridor small chandeliers a wide range of styles, types, styles, materials, etc., which can be appropriately matched according to the space style during actual use. The style of this small corridor chandelier in the picture is novel and fashionable. The unique spherical shape makes it full of strong modern fashion style in visual effects. The flared pole design and white glass lampshade make it integrated, simple and elegant. Different sizes of lampshades can be combined freely and can be adjusted freely to create a variety of home environment with strong personalized colors. The price of this small corridor chandelier is 254 yuan.
Corridor chandelier brand-Siduo The rapid social and economic development has made market competition increasingly fierce. Now there are many corridor chandelier brands on the market. So which brand of corridor chandelier is better? Saiduo, among the hallway small chandelier brands, perfectly combines original, novel and fashionable design with elegance and nobility in style design. The hallway small chandelier style design creates a strong humanistic atmosphere, elegance and timelessness, both classic luxury and low-key. It also demonstrates a sense of modern fashion, and at the same time abandons the complex texture and decoration in the modeling design, and simplifies the use of lines, making the decoration effect of the corridor small chandelier unique.