Corridor decoration skills design principles

The promenade at home can be the most beautiful scenery, don’t believe it. Put on the lockers, all the big and small things in the home are left and tidy, and this place immediately becomes the most beautiful storage place; there is a pot of flowers and a tank of fish here, and it becomes the most beautiful Amorously; hang three or five calligraphy paintings, post one or two beautiful photos, it has become the most beautiful artistic place…sometimes we just lack the eyes to discover beauty, let us be creative together to make the scenery more beautiful!

PART1: Skillfully use wall decoration to create individual scenery

Decorative tips: Most of the corridors in the home are long and narrow, and the blank walls always seem too monotonous and dull. The patchwork decorative paintings are very suitable for the decoration of the promenade, with a unified black frame decoration, and become more visually unified. The exquisite scented candles lined up below add a lot of sentiment to the corridor.

Decorative tips: If you are used to seeing colorful decorative paintings, if you want to make the corridor area more artistic, you might as well use large-format art paintings to decorate, which not only acts as a wallpaper, but also brings a strong sense of visual impact. It is recommended to match it in a more spacious corridor for the best effect.

Decorative tips: For narrower corridors, wall decorations with smaller decorative paintings will be more flexible and lighter. In addition to wall decorations, exotic carpet decorations, slightly irregular shapes, and originality are also the finishing touches of this corner.

Decoration tips: If you want to change into a fashionable style, you can choose fashionable geometric wallpaper for decoration, and the matching of black and white striped wallpaper creates a fashionable and avant-garde fashion sense. Although it costs more wallpapers, the effect cannot be ignored. The geometric lines stretch the vision, make the space appear larger, and change the traditional corridor shape.

PART2: Storage and storage are both correct

Decorative tips: In addition to decorative paintings, digging into the space with great concentration, you can also use the corridor space for storage. The full-top bookcase has become a storage wall on the whole surface, and the cabinet with concave and convex shapes is full of creativity, like wavy lines, giving people a novel vision.

Decorative tips: The grid-like corridor is not only a storage place for the hostess’s bags, but also a display area of ​​taste, making the monotonous corridor a fun display area in ordinary life, which is not only convenient but also quite interesting.
Decorative tips: The background wall of the restaurant creates an invisible storage area. The white storage cabinet blends naturally with the wall, which is beautiful and harmonious. It not only solves the storage problem perfectly, but also maintains the bright and bright sense of the restaurant.

Decorative tips: The embedded storage method is much more lively than the rigid storage cabinet. Whether it is a refrigerator or a small item, it can be stored in this way, which also saves floor space.
PART3: Fresh green plants bring a good mood
Decorative tips: The large area of ​​white bare brick walls will inevitably make the space slightly monotonous. Placing red bouquets in the long corridor space can not only resolve the deadlock caused by the color, but also make the space more vibrant. Walking through such a landscape, the lovely red color is really refreshing.
Decoration tips: large floor-to-ceiling windows make the corridor extraordinarily bright. The window sills are surrounded by flowerpots and green plants of different sizes. With large leaves and green plants on the opposite side of the corridor, the natural and cozy pastoral atmosphere is blown away. This is simple life. The tasteful enjoyment.
Decorative tips: In a corner of the corridor by the window, potted plants are used to make the unobtrusive corners look alive and full of sentiment. The entire promenade is bathed in sunlight, and you can see a beautiful landscape garden when you look out the window, which is a very comfortable home environment.
Decorative tips: Being good at setting is also an important part of home furnishing collocation. Walking through the corridor, a fresh and elegant bamboo will come into view, which makes people suddenly enlightened. More spacious corridors can also be equipped with a small table, a bunch of flowers and a small bright object, which can brighten the entire color and inject freshness and vitality into the corridor.

PART4: Leisure space to sit down
Decorative tips: The looming lights set off a mysterious atmosphere. At the end of the corridor, a comfortable seat is leaning against the window. The bright light is scattered on the soft carpet, and a book can be stolen for half a day.
Decorative tips: The stylish red backrest seats are very freehand. The open space is partitioned by red curtains and matched with the diamond-shaped black and white floor to create an unparalleled cool corridor.
Decorative tips: The hollowed out arches and wood color match add a bit of unique Zen. The natural sense of wood grain makes the corridor more warm, and at the end is a small living room space for the owner. It’s just a simple combination of tables and chairs, so that the body and mind are relieved of fatigue here.
Decoration tips: For travel control, the souvenirs brought back from various places are treasures, and they also need space for display. The spacious corridors are not to be let go. Sofas, sculptures, and odd-shaped carpets all have a good place to belong, and they are unique. Decorations can also show the feeling of an art gallery.