Corridor decoration skills

Corridor is an important link in room decoration. With the increase in the area of ​​the room, many families have long or short corridors, which are indispensable in the home. Beautiful rooms with blank corridors are absolutely not legendary. The beauty of regret. Beautiful and novel corridor decoration can reflect the owner’s life interest and improve the taste of home decoration.

Corridor style

1. The niche-like corridor wall is rich in the classical beauty of traditional culture. If your home furnishes imitation mahogany furniture, then the corridor wall is made into an alcove style to match the overall style. The use of corridor walls to decorate into niches has a certain uniqueness. It reflects the nostalgic consciousness of modern people in room decoration from one side. It is a kind of home decoration that both tastes and tastes.

2. Some entrance hallways are beautifully linear, and the door of the room faces a tall wall, making the entire hallway dark and stuffy, and feel depressed when entering the room. What to do? The designer can make bold “destroy” by dismantling the wall facing the aisle and installing a partition to “cut the wall to borrow light.” The partition should be creative. For example, from the entrance, the partition is suspected to be four glass lattice doors or a beautiful alcove. The glass on the partition can be striped glass, stained glass, frosted glass, etc. The horizontal and vertical stripes interpret linear motion, the beautiful painted surface shows a delicate charm, and the hazy frosted glass reflects delicate thoughts.

1. Try to avoid longness and dullness. There are many ways to use it, such as: hanging calligraphy and painting on the aisle as an art corridor; you can also use rubble on the wall to create an antique feeling; you can also make niches, small attractions, etc. to create a fun center, and so on.

2. Create a spacious space. A narrow and monotonous corridor gives people the feeling of being dull, depressing, and uncomfortable. Therefore, the design of the corridor must pay attention to enough space and not artificially shrink it because of the worry of occupying the area or feeling waste.

3. Rich and clever use of light sources. When it comes to corridor decoration, we must mention the principle of “occupying the sky and not occupying the land”, because the beauty of the corridor decoration is mainly reflected in the wall decorations. Such a beautiful wall decoration, illuminated by soft light, is truly exquisite.