Corridor design trend design principles

The design of the aisle was once ignored by people. With the improvement of housing conditions, more and more homes have a dedicated aisle. If the aisle is not decorated a little, it will make people feel monotonous and boring, so how to design the aisle? At this time, you can make the aisle more “lean” and more spacious through wall modeling, ceiling decoration, lighting design, etc.
Creative display design to beautify excess space
If you want a little more design feeling, you can use creative paintings or photos, you can simply use the walkway wall as a display space, if the budget is still structured, you can also install a few recessed lights or projections on the walkway ceiling Lights, and then hang collections of paintings, children’s works or family photos on the walls of the aisles. The aisles that were originally just used for crossing have become small art galleries.
This design ingenuity can not only achieve the function of beautification and layout, but also not waste the aisle space. The budget that needs to be spent can also be completely controlled by themselves. When the family is creative, they can also use this space as an emotional exchange. Field! However, it is necessary to change and display the works frequently, otherwise it is easy to be superficial, and may be ignored for a long time, and instead lose the original intent of this space design.
Custom-made storage shelves maximize the use of space
The indoor aisle is too long, it is easy to appear monotonous, nailed to the bookshelf or CD rack, can be used to solve annoying space problems! First, nail the bookshelves or CD racks above or below the aisle. The designer suggests that it is best not to make the entire wall, which is easy to produce a sense of pressure; in addition, it is better to ask woodworkers to do it, because generally commercially available bookshelves , The width of the CD rack is relatively deep, usually more than 30 cm, and it will take up too much area on the aisle and affect the access. It is best to tailor-made, and the width should not exceed 15 cm.
In this way, it can not only make full use of the space, but also retain the function of the aisle. As a storage space, it can do two things with one stone. However, the disadvantage is that tailor-made bookshelves and CD racks are more expensive than buying ready-made ones. Consumers can According to the size of the long aisle in the home and the economic budget, decide for yourself how to create a smart and beautiful storage space.