Corridor design trends

Corridor is an important link in room decoration. With the increase in the area of ​​the room, many families have long or short corridors, which are indispensable in the home. Beautiful rooms with blank corridors are absolutely not legendary. The beauty of regret. Beautiful and novel corridor decoration can reflect the owner’s life interest and improve the taste of home decoration.

The hallway in the living room is hardly noticed, but it does not mean it is not important. Beautiful and fashionable living room aisle corridor decoration can improve the taste of home decoration, and you will no longer feel monotonous and boring when you walk through the carefully decorated living room aisle corridor.

Corridor ceiling cabinets cannot be placed with sharp tools. Many homeowners make a fake ceiling in the small corridor of the house and a cabinet on the ceiling to save space. Although this is conducive to home storage, but pay attention to the items placed in the locker. You can choose to put some quilts, seasonal clothes, etc. However, it should not be said that sharp tools and electrical appliances are placed on top, and unnecessary injuries occur at the same time, and sharp tools are placed on the top of the head, because the smallpox cabinets placed sharp tools on the blood and light disasters, car accidents, operations, etc., are very harmful to the health of the family. The corridor lighting should not be colorful. The home corridor should not be too dim, which will affect the luck of the residents. Therefore, when the corridor light is insufficient, many people will install some lamps on the top of the corridor to ensure sufficient light in the corridor. But pay attention when setting up the corridor lighting and avoid installing colorful tubes. Some houses install purple, blue, green and other colorful light tubes on the ceiling of the corridor, and then install transparent glass under the light tubes. In this way, when people walk by, they feel very suspended, which will cause emotional instability in the family. Therefore, when choosing corridor lighting, try to choose soft light tubes.