Corridor design

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Corridor is an important link in room decoration. With the increase in the area of ​​the room, many families have long or short corridors, which are indispensable in the home. Beautiful rooms with blank corridors are absolutely not legendary. The beauty of regret. Beautiful and novel corridor decoration can reflect the owner’s life interest and improve the taste of home decoration. So how should the corridor be decorated and arranged?
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It is not difficult for us to realize that walking through an empty walkway with two walls will feel monotonous and boring. Therefore, the principle of designing the corridor is: try to avoid long and dull feelings. If the corridor is narrow, consider “using the wall as a mirror”. It is a mirror inlaid on one wall of the corridor. But this approach tends to give people a “cheesy” feeling, especially when using brown glass. Or you can consider inserting a large colorful glass mirror on the wall, framed with silver-white aluminum alloy strips around it. Since the mirror is made of glass, it does not touch the ground. Put some potted flowers on the bottom of the mirror wall to set off, forming a top and bottom contrast .
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Some entrance hallways are beautifully linear, and the door of the room faces a tall wall, making the entire aisle dark and stuffy, and it feels depressing as soon as you enter the room. What to do? The designer can make bold “destroy” by dismantling the wall facing the aisle and installing a partition to “cut the wall to borrow light.” The partition should be creative. For example, from the entrance, the partition is suspected to be four glass lattice doors or a beautiful alcove. The glass on the partition can be striped glass, stained glass, frosted glass, etc. The horizontal and vertical stripes interpret linear motion, the beautiful painted surface shows a delicate charm, and the hazyness of the frosted glass reflects delicate thoughts.
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When it comes to corridor decoration, we must mention the principle of “occupying the sky and not occupying land”, because the beauty of the corridor decoration is mainly reflected in the wall decoration. On the walls of the corridor, latex paint or wallpaper with the same color as the room can be used. If the two spaces communicated by the corridor have different colors, in principle the color of the corridor walls is the same as that of the large space.