Cracked glass partition

Causes of cracks
1. The small aerated concrete block above the mouth is embedded after the two boards are installed. The bonded sand and gravel slurry on both sides of the slats is knocked off by the aerated concrete block, so that the bonding mortar between the board joints is not full. It is easy to produce cracks here after ash.
2. Due to the uneven treatment of the plaster base layer, the thickness of the ash layer is uneven. When the thickness difference is large, unequal shrinkage will occur during the drying and hardening of the mortar, resulting in cracks.
3. Due to poor planning or wrong construction sequence arrangement, after the plastering is completed, the pipeline passes through the wall and needs to be drilled, and the wall is subject to severe shock and vibration to produce irregular cracks.
Ways to avoid cracks
Since glass partitions are prone to this situation, in the process of installation and maintenance, special attention is paid to the maintenance of partitions.
1. Use clean partition materials correctly, and avoid damage to the glass surface caused by some high-strength, acid-base corrosive liquids.
2. During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to shake at will and hit by sharp objects to prevent the glass from slipping.
3. The glass partition should be kept away from flammable objects, and at the same time, the surface of the partition should be cleaned regularly, so that your partition will show a clean and comfortable atmosphere.